• Water Testing

    From compliance drinking water to environmental water testing studies, we provide a wide range of water testing services to the community and beyond. 

  • Customer Service

    Centric has a friendly professional staff that actually listens to your needs.  We provide accurate and reliable delivery of products using state of art equipment.  You can trust Centric to respect your confidentiality.

  • Quality and Compliance

    As a customer of Centric you will receive legally defensible reports.  All processes are validated through a rigorous Quality Assurance program to meet all compliance regulations.

  • Ecological Awareness

    Analytical testing services are routinely employed in the monitoring of a wide range of environments from urban to natural.  We feel it is our responsibility as an analytical laboratory to reduce our impact on the environment.



A premier laboratory in the heart of the KITSAP Peninsula


Centric is dedicated to providing premier analytical testing services with exceptional customer service, unparalleled quality control and superior turnaround times.

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